Building a community (1) by Peter Condon

Our Head Reviewer & National Partner Peter Condon (@toldco) has written an interesting blog entry about epprobate and the Community of Practice (CoP). If you are interested in quality assurance in teaching and learning with emerging technologies, we strongly recommend that you follow his blog (http://quodl.blogspot.com).

"epprobate is developing into a modern Community of Practice.  It has always had an open culture, giving information and being a part of new thinking about quality in e-learning.  It has always welcomed newcomers (that’s how I joined) and is eager to learn as much as teach.  epprobate acts as a champion for quality in Courseware but it is also open to supporting quality in e-learning generally and the mix of ideas leads to new ways of approaching quality issues.  There are changes happening at epprobate and I for one will be eager to see the results.  Whatever they are it will be good for quality in e-learning!"

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